The 2019 JazzYYC Volunteer Appreciation Evening

Our Great Volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of JazzYYC for without them, JazzYYC would represent only a few notes played in a club. The volunteers bring life to jazz in Calgary helping create and orchestrate the classy and moving music of jazz. Our volunteers help create the events, fund the artists, connect with the community, greet our guests, move our artists and equipment, manage the stage, and realize the vision and mission of JazzYYC.

JazzYYC Volunteers, WE THANK YOU!

One night in October 2019 we got together to say thanks, laugh, socialize, share some food, and listen to the sweet sounds of Johanna Sillanpaa accompanied by Aaron Young on guitar.

To those who couldn’t make it, we missed you. We hope to see you at one of our events and, of course, next year’s appreciation evening.

And we couldn’t do it without our sponsors. Many thanks to:

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