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On June 9th, JazzYYC celebrated its dedicated volunteers with a delightful afternoon of music, tasty snacks, and socializing at the new President’s home. Over 30 JazzYYC volunteers gathered for the event, which was graciously hosted by Shannon Matthyssen. Special thanks were extended to Drew Smith, JazzYYC’s Volunteer Coordinator, for his pivotal role in organizing the gathering.

JazzYYC expressed deep gratitude to its volunteers for their invaluable contributions at various events over the past year, including:

  • 2023 TD JazzYYC Summer Festival
  • 2024 International Jazz Days Festival
  • 2023 Canadian Jazz Festival
  • 2923 JazzYYC Casino
  • Kawa Jam Ambassadors
  • Women 4 Women in Jazz
  • High Fidelity Jazz Day
  • Fall Youth Lab Band Showcase
  • Heather Bambrick Show: Calgary Library
  • Poster/Program Distribution Teams
  • RJ LeBlanc Show: Ironwood
  • Heyday Quintet: Ironwood
  • Transportation Teams
  • Hospitality Teams

The success of these events, along with the vibrant spirit of the JazzYYC community, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its volunteers. JazzYYC extends heartfelt thanks to all volunteers who help keep the jazz scene thriving in Calgary.

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