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As part of our ongoing effort to engage with members and evolve the JazzYYC Membership program, we hosted a discussion with JazzYYC members on Saturday May 18th.

Membership is becoming increasingly important to our financial picture in an environment where funding through grants its increasingly hard to access, and post-Covid ticket sales are still in the process of coming back.  Our aim is to understand what our members value, and how we can tune our membership program to best fit those values while also providing a solid financial foundation for JazzYYC. Our invitation to the event contained a link to a survey where we asked members to tell us what was important to them as members.  The survey results revealed the following:

Percent of Respondents that Ranked the Item Amongst Their “Top 3” Priorities 
22Support of the Calgary Jazz Community Events & Calendar
19Support of JazzYYC Festival Programming
17Early access to tickets
15Event Ticket Discounts
14Membership Events
12Youth and Education Program
11VIP Meet the Artist Receptions
1Tax Receipts

We appreciate the responses we received, and we are looking forward to our next meeting with members and another membership survey in the fall, as we endeavor to line up our program with member priorities and increase our membership base.  In the fall session we intend to discuss membership levels and membership pricing while previewing any changes we are considering ensure that we best serve YOU … our members.

In the meantime,  if you missed the survey or you don’t wat to wait for the fall, please reach out to us directly at We are always looking for your feedback.

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