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     Tuesday, May 12th, 2020
     7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Alex Hutchison (Bass)

Alex Hutchison was inspired to play bass after a Cream concert in 1967. His first Band – Tycobrae, was a tribute to Hendrix with Neil Kowall on guitar. Starting in 1981, Alex’s group, Shadoplay performed 14 years consecutively at the Calgary International Jazz Festival. Shadoplay was #1 on CJSW FM with “Norwegian Rat” in 1985 and #3 with “Tahiti Treat” in 1986, both instrumentals. The group performed for the Calgary Olympic Arts Festival in 1987, in 1988 at the Calgary Olympic Arts Festival, and then in 1991, they opened up for Skywalk for the Calgary Jazz Festival at Sparky’s. Alex has collaborated with numerous other artists including David Haney and Adam Dillar, legendary Dutch drummer, Han Bennick, and in Brazil with Paulo Padilha and Eduardo Mendonca.


Tap dancer Alexandra Clancy and double bassist Noah Gotfrit came together forming ‘ShoeStrings’ to collaborate and explore the connections between music and dance. Discovering new possibilities in performance, the rhythmic tones of taps paired with the melodic vibrations of upright bass cultivate exciting new sounds and visuals. The two recently completed a creative residency on Vancouver Island where they developed original compositions and continued to establish their relationship as a duet. ShoeStrings investigates how artists can be performing as both musicians and dancers and bring the audience a refreshing look at live music and dance. They have performed with Dances for a Small Stage and at venues such as Guilt & Co., Tyrant Studios, and the Decidedly Jazz Theatre. As they continue to perform and share their music, ShoeStrings examines new approaches to playing their instruments and unique ways of expressing their art through intriguing visuals and inspiring sounds. Audiences can choose to sit with their eyes closed listening to the soothing sounds of the music or watch with eyes wide open the exciting movement and dance.

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